The power of hugging

Hugging, pressing, squeezing, stroking, pinching, scraping and dozens of other forms of
touch – being such a basic human sense. When we are very small, touching is the most
important thing, right next to food and sleep. Without touching, we can not fully develop. We
demand and shout for the warmth of someone’s body.
Why do we touch so little and little in adulthood?
What is our own body for us and how much attention do we pay to it?
Our everyday life has largely brought the role of the body to the role of a product. The body is
needed to earn scores, points, money, things. If you are ill, there are tablets on it. Tablets for
everything, even on legs that quiver during sleep. The tablets accelerate the recovery of the
body so that we can return to scoring, points, money and things as soon as possible. Of
course, it’s good if we’re doing some sport – skiing in the winter (without preparation, I just put
my skis on and go down!), Swimming in the summer, sunbathing in the company of
unhealthy food. Holidays once or twice in 360 days for about 1 week. Rest is a series of
intense activities – trips, events, attractions. So it is not a rest. The body does the work non-
Why are we so tired? Because if we do nothing, maybe if we’re not there? We do not know
each other, because we are busy from the tiny one. 2-3-year old children learn French,
ballet, karate. In addition, a speech therapist, corrective gymnastics, rhythmics and learning
to speak in your native language! Alternatively tablet-cartoons tablet-cartoons tablet-
cartoons. Where is the time to relax? Where is the time to do anything? Where is the time for
silence? Where is the time? Fortunately, there are even nights during which one sleeps. Only
what we dream of after such a day ?!
The body is a fascinating instrument that despite what we suggest to it – what’s even more –
what we encourage our children to do, can adapt, regulate and regenerate.
Thanks to this, we can constantly increase our productivity and implement several life
scenarios at the same time. Multiply, secure, put down, accumulate, collect for later. If we
pay special attention to the body, it is to its appearance. It is our culture that also encourages
us to that. Nice people have easier life! To wash oneself. To wash. To iron. To dress-up. To
do make-up. To comb. And to look. To make a good impression .
The situation changes if we do not have the strength to look and the level of satisfaction from
our lives is rapidly decreasing. We have small and crying children, because of which w
exclude ourselves from social life. We do not achieve a dream career for which we spent so
many years. The people we cared about started to be interested in other people who care
about them. We start to get sick – headaches, creaking knees, less and less elastic spine,
memory problems, and finally – chronic fatigue. Of course, the disease is an ideal situation
for us to remember that we have a body. However, the body is not only muscles, bones and
internal organs. It is also our energy resources, vitality, spirituality, imagination, empathy,
intuition and intimacy. Intimacy is simply sex? – Someone will ask. Intimacy is of course
sexuality with a partner, but also closeness with children and friends or enjoying the senses
of taste, smell, hearing. It’s a pleasure! Extremely intimate and enjoyable may be contact
with food, nature or music, and this intimacy is perceived by the body and its ability to
perceive various subtleties. The reception of these nuances is our uniqueness and proves
that we are not programmed machines for acquiring, producing and ultimately consuming
and throwing away.
Let’s not be crazy about having things, gadgets, money.
Only the body and the body is needed to cuddle. What a great, intelligent and sensitive
instrument! Pressing the body to the body can do real miracles, from the silencing of
stressors of everyday life to forgiveness, tolerance and selfless love. Not everything is for
sale and not everything can be obtained with the help of money.
Life is for living.