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Human bag is a large sensory object. You can squeeze it with both hands and even put it
on yourself and feel its strong pressure. Thanks to this object, we can relax deeply, loosen
the lower part of the spine or the pelvis area. The human bag works well in games that will
excess energy. In addition, it will provide many sensory stimuli, especially in the area of
touch, balance or eye-hand coordination.


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Human bag – small

Product weight: 7 kg.

Sizes depending on the object arrangement
Length: 80 – 90 cm
Width: 30 – 40 cm
Height: 20 – 25 cm

Human bag – big

Product weight: 18 kg

Sizes depending of the object arrangement:
Length: 130-150 cm
Width: 30 – 50 cm
Height: 20-30 cm

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