About the practice Body.Voice.Intuition

The Body.Voice.Intuition practice calms down, gives energy, positively tunes, creates a
community, builds respect for one’s body and the other’s body. It is the area of self-
observation that leads to the conformity of the body, mind and heart. It is a physical practice
whose basis is the body, the voice that comes out of it and the intuition which is the source of
thoughts, feelings and observations.

The Body.Voice.Intuition practice includes five different but interconnected techniques:

1. Practicing Nothing
Getting rid of tensions that leads to a sense of body integrity, awareness of its area, being in
harmony with the body, or a sense of body unity, deep relaxation. It’s a technique related to
body anatomy, imagination and meditation.

2. Relieving the sound
Giving sound similar to the sound of an infant or animal gives a large distance to oneself,
warms the body up from the inside, wakes up to intuitive thinking, is an area of self-
observation. It’s a technique related to sound, breath and concentration.

3. The theory of great pressure
Dialoguing with a partner in a clutch trains mindfulness, empathy, releases the joy of working
with one’s body, gives emotions, affection, and teaches care and devotion. It leads to
connection with another human being. It is a technique related to physicality and energy flow.

4. Pleasure techniques
The search for pleasure when moving is an anti-depressing journey and a return to the
childhood. It is an activity in a group and being fully dependent. It triggers a sense of
pleasure, sometimes euphoria, gratitude, responsibility. It’s a technique related to the
movement improvisation, mindfulness and concentration.

5. Body in a sack
Separation from external stimuli and individual space for yourself. It leads
to a state of mind without thinking, meditative calmness, a sense of harmony, security, self-
acceptance. It’s a technique related to physicality and meditation.

Who is Izabela Chlewińska?
The author of the Body.Voice.Intuition practice is Izabela Chlewińska – choreographer,
performer and teacher. She holds a master’s degree in art with a specialization in rhythm.
Izabela is an independent artist in the field of new dance and experimental choreography.
She works with the choreographic collective Centrum w Ruchu in Warsaw and holds
scholarship of prestigious residences in Vienna, Antwerp, Philadelphia and Tokyo. She
performed on the stages among others in Beijing, Edinburgh, Yokohama. She directs movement for theaters in Poland
and Germany, author of original dance performances, pedagogue with 15 years of
experience. Together with her husband Tomek Bergmann, she created a performative
installation for children MaMoMi in Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. This project marked her search in
the field of sensorics, pleasure, various forms of care and work with sensory objects created
by Bergmann.