Imagine being filled with a natural buckwheat husk, surrounded by the soft material of the Secondskin® Rolling bag, poured over your body. Weight-bearing buckwheat beanbag is also aural and fragrance experience. Overflowing buckwheat husk makes the sound of sand pouring out.

Main features:
– memory function
– Secondskin® material
– a natural buckwheat husk
– seamless
– the highest quality, non-toxic threads
– pressure

Your benefits:
– self-massage and full body pressure massage
– reducing tension and stress
– deep relaxation and rest
– support for proprioceptive and vestibular systems
– integration of the body, mind and emotions

Way of usage:

1.Rolling over the body.
Take a position lying on your back or sitting. Grasp the Rolling bag with both hands and roll it over your body back and forth.
Recommended working time is 5-7 minutes.

2.Pressing the body.
Take a position lying on the floor, possibly on a mattress. Put the Rolling bag on the chest, pelvis and head. Change the pressure points every few minutes.
Recommended working time: 5-10 min.

3.Rolling bag as a seat:
If you are meditating or practicing breathing techniques and are staying in sitting positions for a long time, check the Rolling bag.

Moving the Rolling bag:

Rolling bag consists of one layer of fabric and is filled with a natural buckwheat husk. In order to move it from one place to another, we recommend rolling on the floor, or moving the Rolling bag with both hands, grabbing it from the bottom. Catching the welt with one hand can stretch the fabric.

Rolling bag – small:
Product weight: 6 kg.
Sizes depending on the arrangement of the object:
Diameter: 35-55 cm
Height: 10-20 cm

Rolling bag – basic:
Product weight: 11 kg
Sizes depending on the arrangement of the object:
Diameter: 30-70 cm
Height: 15-20 cm

The natural feature of buckwheat hull fillings is its abrasion. After each massage, the Rolling bag should be shaken out to get rid of the ground buckwheat husks resulting from friction while rolling the object. This is easy thanks to the fabric from which the Rolling bag is made – it works like a sieve. The easiest way to do this is as follows:

1. Grab the Rolling bag with both hands and lift it
2.Throw the Rolling bag into the floor
3. Roll it over the floor by lifting and lowering it alternately

Repeat several times until the ground buckwheat ceases to escape.

Refilling with buckwheat:

1.Pull out the silicone cotter
2.Insert the funnel into the hole
3.Sprinkle buckwheat
4.Push the plug back

The object is suitable for use on slippery or soft ground. Nails, jewellery or other sharp objects protruding from the floor can damage the knitwear.