Imagine that you enter your private space and cut yourself off from external stimuli. The soft thermoactive material Secondskin® presses your whole body, and you begin to calm down. Adults who are inside of the bags are relaxed, feel good with each other and have a positive attitude towards other people. Children calm down, enter a state of full satisfaction, they are happy to hide in them to calm down.

Main features:
– you can breathe freely in it
– thermoactive
– Secondskin® material – gives the impression of additional skin
– tightens the whole body
– transparent – we can see the outside environment
– seamless, highest quality knitwear
– certified, non-toxic threads

Your benefits:
– silencing and lowering emotional tension
– support for proprioceptive and vestibular systems
– deep relaxation and rest
– strengthening the sense of security
– integration of body, mind and emotions
– peaceful sleep

Conditions for using the Intimate Bag:
– Place: a room, wooden or smooth, rubber floor
– Room temperature: approx. 20 degrees (possibly tilted window)
– Sound: calm music or silence
– Clothing: light, single-layered (the bag itself is already one layer of clothing), possibly nakedEntering the Intimate bag:

– We go inside the bag – which is knot-tied on one side – by putting the feet at the very bottom of the bag. Then we pull the bag over the whole body and sit down on the floor. The bag can be tied from the other side and then we can start the exercise stage.

Moving inside the bag:

1. Pull the bag tight onto yourself so that it presses your whole body
2. Spread your arms and legs to make yourself more space inside
3. Change the position of your body and work with the knitwear matching it to yourself.
4. Breathe. A deep breath and a long exhalation calm down.
5. If you do not want to move – stay in your favorite position and take a nice little nap 🙂

Body positions in the Intimate bag:

1. The „baby” position
2. The „thinker” position
3. The „turtle” position
4. The „sleepyhead” position
5. The „board” position

Going outside the bag:

– Try not to get too abruptly out of the bag.
– Solve the first knot calmly and take the material off yourself gradually.
– Give yourself at least a few minutes
– Do not take any action and try not to say much.
– After about 10 minutes you can return to your activities and enjoy inner peace.

Recommended time of being in the bag: 20 – 40 minutes

The object is suitable for use on slippery or soft ground. Nails, jewellery or other sharp objects protruding from the floor can damage the knitwear.

The bag comes in two versions of density:
A- provides more pressure, recommended for a shorter session (20-30 minutes)
B- provides less pressure, recommended for a longer session (30-40 minutes)