Imagine that you are lying on a natural buckwheat husk, surrounded by a soft one
Secondskin® Human bag material. You can press it with both hands and even put it on yourself and feel its strong pressure. Thanks to this object, we can relax deeply, loosen the lower part of the spine or the pelvic area.

Main features:
– memory function
– Secondskin® material
– a natural buckwheat husk
– seamless, highest quality knitwear
– certified, non-toxic threads
– pressure

Your benefits:
– self-massage and full body pressure massage
– reducing tension and stress
– deep relaxation and rest
– support for proprioceptive and vestibular systems
– integration of body, mind and emotions

Way of usage:

To take full advantage of the possibilities offered by Human bag – we recommend the following exercise:

  1. Lie down on a beanbag on your stomach and embrace it with both hands. Adjust the Human bag to the shape your body and find a comfortable position for yourself.
  2. Lie down on your back on the floor or mattress and place a Human bag on yourself. Embrace it with your hands and adjust it to the shape of your body. Push it tight to the chest. To strengthen the load, you can embrace it also with legs.
  3. Sit more or less in the middle of the big peanut and grab its front part with your hands to draw it to yourself. Press it firmly against your body. To strengthen the pressure you can put your legs firmly around it.
  4. The seven-kilo Human bag will work well in games that will absorb the excess energy. In addition, it will provide many sensory stimuli, especially within of touch, balance or eye-hand coordination. Pushing, pulling, squeezing, hugging, crushing are within reach of every child over 3 years old. Human bag can play the role of a traveling companion or a new friend. Although it has no arms or legs, by placing it in a vertical position – it is deceptively similar to the small size of a man.

Removing and putting on the outer cover

Human bag consists of two layers of fabric: insert (internal bag) filled with buckwheat and outer cover (outer bag). After a few weeks or a few months of using the beanbag, wash the outer cover in order to restore its proper elasticity.

To remove and wash the outer cover
– Unfold the ribbon bow and loosen the welt of the outer cover
– Take off the outer cover and flip it on the inside
– Wash at 40 degrees.
– Dry it.
To put on the outer cover:
– Place the washed-out cover and the insert on the floor
– Put on the outer cover on the insert with a technique resembling putting on the tights
– Pull and tie both ribbons on the bow, thus tightening the welts (it is good idea to insure this activity with the thumb and the forefinger).
– Insert the ribbon through the hole under the welt.The object is suitable for use on slippery or soft ground. Nails sticking out of the floor, our jewellery or other sharp objects can cause damage to the knitwear.Human bag – small
Product weight: 7 kg.
Sizes depending on the object arrangement
Length: 80 – 90 cm
Width: 30 – 40 cm
Height: 20 – 25 cm

Human bag – big
Product weight: 18 kg
Sizes depending of the object arrangement:
Length: 130-150 cm
Width: 30 – 50 cm
Height: 20-30 cm