Hollow Bag is a transparent object in which every little man can hide. It offers tactile, auditory sensations, calms down and develops eye-hand coordination. With a special slider, the child can decide on the level of pressure.
A beautiful object, original design of a children’s room.


Main features:
– Secondskin® material – gives the impression of a second skin
– transparent – the child can see the outside world
– hypoallergenic, natural buckwheat husk – massages and hums
– seamless, highest quality knitwear
– certified, non-toxic threads
– pressure

Your benefits:
– eye-hand coordination
– full body massage
– self-regulation and rest
– support for proprioceptive and vestibular systems
– integration of body, mind and emotions

Way of usage:

Children intuitively enter the Hollow bag to spend some time in it. How can we support them?
– by proposing playing „a kuku” game
– by examining and pressing on selected parts of the body through a transparent fabric
– by leaving child time for rest and loneliness

Hollow Bag consists of three elements:

– a single-layer sensory beanbag (which we can fill with buckwheat from time to time / see the instruction of the sensory Rolling bag /
– an open bag (which we can take off, wash and dry)
– an elastic knitted zipper

We recommend using the Living bag instruction manual!

Fixing: We can stretch the object and attach its end to the constructive elements of the flat / joists and other / or use a ceiling mount.