We are able to organize body workshops with different groups of adults, teenagers or children. Our sensory objects fit to all people 🙂 We ofer an individual programme for each group. People are different and it’s beautifull.

We use the method of body work – Body.Voice.Intuition – invented by a choreographer and pedagogue Izabela Chlewińska. Read more about her practise:

All sensory integration objects can be used for conducting active rehabilitation of children, adolescents and adults with psychomotor dysfunctions to relieve the effects of injuries and disabilities, as well as in physiotherapy and support exercises.
Rehabilitation – depending on the needs – includes stimulation of individual senses, i.a. proprioceptive system, vestibular system, gross motor skills, small motor skills, hand-eye coordination, etc.

If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your team – contact us!

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